Being a little stereotypically manly isn’t all bad

I don’t like to rigidly employ gender stereotypes.  I prefer to just treat people as individuals when possible.  Still, sometimes I feel the need to defend so-called “masculinity a bit.”  I wrote this as a response to someone on Quora, and I think it’s a decent point.  It can withstand some basic scrutiny:

I don’t consider myself a tough guy, but here goes: Being stereotypically “manly” is sort of a major solution to many problems. You can cry sometimes, but you don’t get overly emotional about most things, including trauma. You do your best to move on. It doesn’t mean you can’t get help, but generally it’s better to be able to move past emotional baggage on one’s own. That way you don’t become too dependent on someone else for emotional support, or whatever. Creative work of some kind definitely helps.

Coincidentally, none of this is just a male trait, so feminism’s kind of promoting and exaggerating this as a “toxic” male stereotype (just like the manly men they criticize). Plenty of women are like this, too, because it more often than not works. If you really want to move past trauma, or depression, you have to find inner strength, not stack everything on your sensitivity or expect others to be there for you. Sometimes no one will be there for you, and you’ll have no other choice but to pick yourself up.

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