Donald Trump, potentially making America look crazier than North Korea

In his first speech at the United Nations, Donald Trump said something which, at a glance, almost appears wise:  “Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever.”

Well, how about that!  There’s even an element of common sense to it, I’d say.  However, he floundered a tad when he also said America would “totally destroy” North Korea if it had to.

Now, maybe I’m crazy, but doesn’t that sound a bit crazy, pea-brained and — dare I say it — oppressive?  After all, the UN is theoretically not supposed to condone this sort of behavior. Supposedly, the United Nations are about avoiding conflict, not treating a possible nuclear conflagration like a weenie roast — “Hey, bring out the marshmallows and a 12 pack of beer (and some sodie pop for the kids)!  America’s gonna’ have a big ol’s stir fry!  YEEEEEHAAAAAW!!”

The question is, which oppressive regime is he talking about at this point?  North Korea may be crazy as a coked up loon, but are they really more warlike than the United States?  Um, I’d have to say “No” on that one.  In fact, not only does the United States regularly invade other countries, set up despotic regimes, take down despotic regimes and arm terrorist groups, but it’s also the only country (yet) to have used nuclear weapons against another.

Now, I’m sure North Korea is no walk in the park for everyone, but let’s get those points I mentioned above at the forefront, too.  It’s not all about how fucked up and wacky the North Koreans are.  A lot has to do with how fucked up and wacky America is prepared to be.

And here’s the thing:  Easing tensions with North Korea  might have been easier at one point, had the United States just said “We will never attack you in a first strike operation” (or whatever military bullshit lingo they would use).

One last thing:  Donald Trump did not start this nonsense, but he could be doing a lot more to end it.  He has incentive to do it, too.  If America got really involved with North Korea, they could actually do some major damage to us.  Dear reader, have no doubts about that. They really are a militant society, and undoubtedly would give the United States a run for its money.


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