Trump’s foreign money; Once in shadow, now in light

It’s ironic that, despite all his condemnation of foreign influence and threats to America, Trump is getting in hot water for that very thing (also, it’s ironic that Americans whine about foreign threats while stomping around the globe, supporting foreign governments and destroying other’s societies — but that’s something Americans typically just yawn about).

Anyway, right now Trump’s being accused of  “unprecedented constitutional violations” in an actual lawsuit by some Attorneys General.  Specifically, they are “…alleging that he has violated anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution by accepting millions in payments and benefits from foreign governments since moving into the White House.”

If that’s not enough, Trump — despite his rampant (and usually rather idiotic) Islamophobia — has also not rescinded an arms deal with Saudi Arabia started by Obama.  While some news sources say there’s nothing to the deal, and that it doesn’t quite have legs, you’d think it’s something Trump would want to scrap ASAP.

Whatever happens with both issues, it should be remembered that — at least in a  roundabout way — this is what many Americans asked for.  They wanted someone to run America even more like a business, and to have a crude mascot in charge.  That’s what they got.

Still, if no cuffs went on any of George W.’s crew, or any Democratic and Republican supporters of the Iraq War (one of the biggest scandals in American history), it’s almost a joke if Trump gets put away over something as simple as slimy money.  Granted, I wouldn’t try to block the cops from going after him (lord knows we need at least one of our Presidents in jail), but why now?  Why does the Constitution suddenly matter now?

The answer may be simple:  Trump is being too flagrant in his disregard for laws and rules.  Sure, laws and rules have been violated by the US government since the beginning, no doubt about it, but you’re supposed to “look Presidential” while doing so.

That was Nixon’s major crime, too.  He stepped on a few too many toes and irked too many of the right people the wrong way.  The substance of his crimes didn’t matter (Vietnam was far worse than Watergate, yet few people consider that criminal, even when it was).  Instead, people just stopped liking him (though I have no idea why anyone on earth liked him to begin with, including himself).

And so, much like I predicted, Trump’s stupid-ass vision is almost impossible to implement at this time in history.  No matter how many goofball “alt-right” people he has obeying his stupid bullshit online, he’ll never quite reach that finish line.  He is, like I’ve said repeatedly, just a reality TV show star/business tycoon asshole that the American public are too  naïve to fully understand.

Just like neo-Nazis don’t understand how Hitler was no better than the “Jewish” Communists (or how Nazi Germany was bad even for white people), the reality-TV-addled American consumers don’t understand how Trump isn’t good for them, and never could be.  Still, that scandal wheel will keep on a’turnin’, and people will keep on a’watchin’, and people with weak constitutions will keep on a’pukin’.



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