‘We’re getting out’ of the Paris climate change agreement, while playing Pokémon Go F*** Yourself with the world

Recently, Trump said America’s getting out of the Paris climate change agreement, calling it “unfair at the highest level to the United States.”  What he probably meant was it’s unfair to the highest level of the United States — that is, those with more money and power, who aspire to tell us what to do, as they gain yet more money and power to tell us what to do.    And why is it unfair?  Because any challenge to government for the wealthy is considered unfair.  No other issue should be considered aside from what makes big business happy.  None.  End of debate.

Basically, this is what’s meant by a “level playing field.”  Now, remember that a playing field is for players.  Environmentalists and scientists, along with concerned citizens, wicked “liberals” and demon-horned immigrants aren’t supposed to be playing.  In fact, they shouldn’t even be in the stands, as far as Team Trump is concerned.

Think I’m exaggerating?  If I am, it’s not by much.  Just try talking to these people.  They will often tell you something eerily close to what I am saying.  Trump and the rich should have their say in all the issues, and maybe the powerful and privileged will throw us a bone every now and then (when they’re not too busy giving us the bone).

Of course, this isn’t entirely a new attitude.  It’s sort of how the United States of America has done things.  However, Trump is being very brazen about it.  Obama, Clinton and even George W. Bush at least had enough sense to make things look better than they are.  Trump just makes it clear that no one except his ardent supporters matter.

By coincidence, on Reddit today I found a picture summarizing how the United States sees its role in the world:  


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