A rare opportunity for Middle East peace photo ops (and possible Jackalope sightings)

I know that title sounds cynical, but it’s a cynicism with merit — and not just because I’m talking Trump, either.  This is an old, familiar dance by now.  An American President shows up at some meeting, promises some peace deal between Israel and Palestinians, while always beefing up Israel’s military power.

So, when Trump refers to a “rare opportunity” for harmony in the region, why should he believed?  What is the actual opportunity, and what makes it rare?  His mere involvement?  As far as I can tell, the opportunity’s rare in the sense that a Jackalope is rare.

I will say this much, though:  If Donald Trump can actually achieve something good there, I will give him credit.  But good luck with that.  For one thing’ America’s reputation there is that of a war monger.  And why wouldn’t it be?  At the last Presidential campaign meeting at AIPAC (pro-Israel thingie), Hillary Clinton attacked Trump for being too “neutral” regarding Israel — as if trying to be neutral and objective would be so dangerous (there’s a reason some people think Hillary is horrible).  Hell, being neutral wouldn’t necessarily mean being entirely pacifistic.  It could just mean being relatively neutral, compared to someone like Hillary Clinton, who never met an American war she didn’t like.

Moving on, Trump offers his own unique complications.  Let’s say, for instance, that he says, “Okay, let’s try the religion angle.”  Well, putting aside basic objections, such as separation of church and state, there’s the fact that Donald Trump has been anti-Islam (except when it comes to giving Saudi Arabia billions in military aid, for some reason).

How is Trump going to appear neutral when he has been so much against Islam, depicting all Muslims as terrorists, saying things about only letting Christians into America from Muslim countries, etc.?  (Coincidentally, that appears to be how Trump has bungled tjose travel bans —  he specifically indicated it would be about religious exclusion, which is further evidence that Trump ain’t too bright).

Now, I should mention the big elephant in the room yet again:  Trump wants to be a star.  And what is a President?  Well, aside from being an utter asshole on average,  a President is one of the biggest celebrity slots available.  A President gets a lot of prestige, even if they suck.  And so, to update an old adage, I’ll say, “A Jackalope, if you can keep it.”


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