Firing that Comey guy ‘has nothing to do with Russia’?/Trump, Putin and the majestic night sky

Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s foremost things lately, claims the firing of the FBI Director (that Comey guy) “has nothing to do with Russia.”

I’ve heard similar things, such as how Trump’s attempted (and strangely selective) Muslim ban has nothing to do with Muslims.  Meanwhile, Trump also says there was “no collusion” between his winning campaign and the Russian government, even though Trump and Vladimir Putin were seen alternately holding hands and delivering Eskimo kisses to each other under twinkling stars on Election Day eve.

Some reports even claim that Trump pointed to the night sky and said, “Look…look up there!  Let’s call that star ours!, shall we?”  After a few moments looking skyward, Trump’s eyes met Putin’s again.  “Wouldn’t it be so majestic to have a star of our very own?,” Trump continued.  Then he purportedly clasped Vladimir Putin’s shoulders excitedly and said, “Please, Vlad, let’s never let this night end!”

Putin smiled, laughed and said (in Russian, translated to English)) “Yes, but we can’t stay out here forever.  Alas, the night sky itself is fleeting.”  “Oh, I know,” Trump allowed.  “But I’ll tell you what,” Putin went on.  “I know a great resort we can go to, with private massage, an excellent swimming pool, and a heap of other luxuries.  I think I have a 20% off coupon in my car. I’m going to find it.”  In little time at all, he did.

The two entered Mr. Putin’s private automobile, travelling down a long, straight road to a bold new future.

Yes, America is out of the freezer and near the blazing fireplace of a hot, passionate love.  It will defrost and become great again.


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