Trump at War

As you may have heard, Donald Trump is feeding hostilities between the United States and North Korea (with South Korea possibly being the most endangered). It’s a bit of an alarming story.

Speaking for the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, Alexandra Bell recently stated: “I think there’s a cycle of concern and anxiety that comes when North Korea is conducting tests.”

Indeed. So what gives? Why the ongoing hostilities? Is it really because North Korea is a human rights abuser, and a totalitarian society? Any honest, reasonable, fair-minded person has serious reason to doubt that. Obviously, the United States has supported plenty of despots and human rights abusers over the years (such as Saudi Arabia), so it’s probably not just that.

At the same time, the reason almost doesn’t matter so much right now. Right now all that matters is that Trump gathers enough sanity to say these few basic words, or something to their effect: “We have no intention of attacking North Korea, or launching a first strike attack against any other nation.” Now, isn’t that simple?

And here’s the kicker: Saying that wouldn’t mean Donald Trump (or anyone else) supports the type of government occurring in North Korea. All it says is that we don’t want a nuclear conflagration. Makes sense, doesn’t it? And is this type of approach really about “right” or “left”? I’d say there’s a pretty strong element of common sense.

Unfortunately, nothing’s so uncommon as common sense, so we are now compelled to read (and wince at) the following headline, which may just as well double as our tombstone text: “Trump at War.”

Many people objected to warfare even before Trump took office. Some of us even criticized it regardless of which stupid party held majority office. Still, there is an extra layer of pathetic slathered onto a Trump War. As I regretfully have to mention from time to time, Trump is a former reality TV show star. He’s the person we’re supposed to trust behind the machinery of death.

If that’s not enough, Trump’s done his best to frame everything as Islam vs. Christianity. He claimed that the Berlin terror attack was part of a campaign to “slaughter Christians,” and that it justifies his attempts to ban Muslim immigrants.

The problem is, framing things that way is both inaccurate and stupid. If the United States appears to be united against Islam, it not only violates separation of church and state, but it gives Islamic radicals a very good recruiting mechanism.
Similar things could be said regarding North Korea. The idiot-in-chief doesn’t understand that we should be trying to avoid war, not start new ones.

To be fair, this is not all Trump’s doing. The Near Eastern Outlook had this to say in March 2016:
“US and South Korean soldiers are currently taking part in annual large-scale military exercises, which reportedly feature training and simulations of preemptive strikes on Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile sites, amphibious landings on North Korean shores, and a ‘beheading operation’ aimed at assassinating Kim Jong-un and toppling his government in the event of war.”

If this is even partly true, it happens to make the United States look as crazy — if not crazier — than North Korea. That is no small feat. And so, as the stupidity unfolds, just remember that there’s truly no way to make sense of it all. Even when we win, we lose. Get ready to duck and cover.


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