The Trump Family: Conflicts of Interest Remain/Has Trump Ramped Up Against Human Trafficking?/666 Fifth Avenue

The Trump Family: Conflicts of Interest Remain

As the New York Times recently noted, the “husband-and-wife team” of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have a real estate and investment empire valued at about $740 million.

What’s so special about that? Well, aside from any scumbaggery inherent in the real estate and investment world, Kushner is a senior advisor to Trump, and Ivanka is obviously his daughter. This has some conflict of interest alarm bells ringing.
According to Noah Bookbinder, director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington:  “Donald Trump can evade legal responsibility even if the conflicts of interest remain,” but Kushner and Ivanka can’t. There are different ethics rules.

As a result, Richard Painter, former ethics czar for George W. Bush, tweeted that these two should “recuse [themselves] from matters affecting real estate and their lenders.”

The logic is sort of obvious, isn’t it?

Also, it’s interesting to see people Tweeting against the Mad Tweeter, AKA President Donald Trump. Maybe this is why the Annoying Orange has taken steps against critical press. Don’t believe me? Well, he apparently  banned EPA employees from “providing updates on social media or to reporters.”

Now, isn’t that interesting? Trump can — and will — Tweet his damn fool head off about anything he pleases, and nominate any high powered dufus to office that he wants (including his own daughter and son-in-law), but the EPA can’t post on social media about anything? That’s not quite right, is it?  Why can Trump do all that, while the EPA isn’t even allowed to use Twitter?  It seems we’re not supposed to question emerging pro-Trump narratives.

Has Trump Ramped Up Against Human Trafficking?

Very difficult times are ahead, as the family dictatorship tries to paint itself as a new normal, and a new political dynasty. Fortunately, many Americans will recognize it as a grotesque, duck-faced dynasty, and see how it lies its collective head off in the name of awareness of Trump’s “greatness.” For example, I recently saw some goofball on Facebook post about how Trump is really, really going after human trafficking rings.

Well, as Elizabeth Nolan Brown wrote for, the arrests “include mostly women selling sex and men trying to engage in consensual adult prostitution” and “are part of annual sting operations,” or “were the result of investigations n the works long before Trump took office, and/or had absolutely nothing to do with federal law-enforcement directives or activities.”  (It should also be noted that Reason is not typically a Democrat/liberal/left-leaning publication.)

I don’t want to say Trump’s administration couldn’t go after human trafficking, because it very well may. However, any such effort would likely be done as an effort to weed out evil Mexicans and Muslims, who Trumpican Americans believe are causing all of our problems (just ask them!  They’ll be pretty quick to tell you that).

666 Fifth Avenue

Best case scenario? Trump Family Inc. will attempt to control and micro-manage all aspects of the economy and the media, but will not particularly succeed. They will take credit for anything good that happens (even if it’s not as good as they claim) and argue vehemently that everything bad stems from “liberals” and foreigners, and they’ll try to dig the family business claws deeper and deeper into the standard American brain, and with more success than I’d like to believe.

Worst case scenario?  The Trump family are our Satanic overlords.

While I don’t believe Trump is the devil — and don’t believe in Satan generally — this is also interesting:  In 2007, when Jared Kushner bought the most expensive single-building property in U.S. history, it was 666 Fifth Avenue — again, that is 666 Fifth Avenue — for $1.8 billion.

Maybe it’s a dumb thing to mention and a weird coincidence, but it almost makes me believe in the supernatural. And so, if a child named Damien shows up in the Trump family, someone had better go on a fact-finding mission to Megiddo. Just ask for Bugenhagen.


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