Get Ready To Hear ‘No’ A Lot, Mr. Trump

As Donald Trump’s administration fumbles the ball on replacing “Obamacare,” he’ll surely be scrambling to pick up the points elsewhere.  Of course, he will frequently fail in those endeavors, too.  His travel bans have already been blocked numerous times, and will continue to face opposition.  Also, few people — other than his die-hard supporters — believe his claims that Obama was spying on his self-aggrandizing tower during the election.  Why?  Because people know that Trump will just say stuff.  They know he will lie to get his way.  In fact, he seems to lie more than plenty of other politicians, which is rather significant given the stereotype of the lying politician.

Anyway, this is not just another “negative hit piece” on Trump (though he certainly deserves those).  Nope, it’s just a basic glimpse of the reality he’s created for himself.  It really is the train wreck that many people — liberals and certain conservatives alike — had predicted.  More to the point, there’s almost no way the Trump administration couldn’t be a disaster, or at least quite bad (take your pick).

While it’s possible that Republicans will eventually replace “Obamacare” with something, it seems less likely as time goes on.  Why?  Because these politicians will hear “No” from all directions, and the voices will only get louder as time goes along.  My personal prediction?  Trump will start going after more people (either in the press, on Twitter or legally), accusing them of causing this problem or that.  But even then he’ll still have to hear “No.”  Hey, sometimes one word is all you need.


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