Trump Tellingly Tweets That Tyrants Tapped Trump Tower Telephones – Tisk Tisk!

Now Trump is claiming  on Twitter that Obama plotted a “Nixon/Watergate” wiretap on his phones in the almighty Trump Tower.

What evidence is there? None has been made public so far. Still, evidence does not matter to such people. In fact, it typically doesn’t matter to politicians in general, or their (sadly) loyal followers. These people say things like “If Trump is Impeached, It Might Be The End of America,” and fully support the mindless philosophy that Trump is a “winner.”

More generally, there are people who wear an “I Voted” pin as if it’s a badge of pride, and not something to be embarassed about. While this story is fresh and lacks details to discuss, it will be interesting to see what unfolds (if anything). It’s not that Obama couldn’t have done wiretaps, but it’s rather telling that Trump leapt right to the “Obama” buzzword, knowing full well that it would generate the most hatred among white racist idiots. He’s good at riling up his fans, which — aside from his money — is the main reason he’s President.

To be fair, a false wiretap claim is no worse than the false WMD claims during the Bush administration, which Democrats were also bandying about regularly, and which few people seem to care about anymore. However, if the claim is true, we know the only thing Trump would care about is that it happened to him. No politician would care if it was happening to someone else. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.


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