Conservatives Are Not Rebels

Fox News has conservatives believing they are rebels when they’re ultimately just conformists.  In fact, their basic conception of a world of “winners and losers” is ultra-conformist, as is their general love of god, guns, law (government) and capitalism. Those are all systems of power and domination — things one could rebel against rather than for.

Sure, one could argue that they’re rebelling against political correctness at times, but that premise only goes so far. For one thing, conservatism has its own variety of political correctness, such as never bad mouthing the flag, never criticizing the military (or any white conservative president), and all sorts of religious PC bullshit. Also, more simply, disagreeing with them on anything can be just as regrettable as debating a social justice warrior.

It’s part of a general trend of people thinking they’re right just because they shout louder, or because they’re capable of occasionally saying something smart, making the opponent occasionally look dumber by comparison.  Then, of course, there’s just the name calling.

Moving along:  The so-called “alt right” is also not rebellious, as they try to pretend white people are facing some anti-white genocide (Really? Where? I’m quite white and I’ve never experienced anything even vaguely like that.).

In summation: Conservatives should stop pretending that conservatism is cool. It never has been and never will be. You are not rebels, you are not bad asses. Even “the troops” only do what they are told, and half the time they’re just out there fucking the world up more — making life worse for practically everyone, and without even knowing it. AND THEY RELY ON TAX PAYER DOLLARS. This system sucks, Republicans and Democrats suck, and the American people are apparently too stuipid and lazy to try something else — or to even begin thinking about trying something else.

There are no rebels anymore, just different types of conformism.

Good day.



  1. Yeah, anyone who believes in going back to the “good old days” is NOT a rebel. And yes, they make fun of liberals for getting offended, but try to say something that contradicts their religious beliefs and see how offended they’ll get. I realize this isn’t news: Conservatives are hypocrites.


    1. Of course, non-conservatives can be hypocrites — and actually rather conservative –, too. However, this idea of conservatives being rebellious has always been especially annoying to me.

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      1. Agreed with non-conservatives being hypocrites as well. I think any true blue conservative should know that it’s not their role to be a rebel — it’s precisely their role to be traditional and to conserve. That’s how they bring balance to our world.


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