Trump’s Inaugural Crowd; Press Secretary Says He Will Not Lie; Anti-Trump Violence

During his first press conference, Trump’s White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, claims the Trump administration’s “intention is never to lie to you.”

He also argued that the media has given “deliberately false” inauguration coverage, and argued that accountability “goes both ways.”

The main issue in question? Donald Trump’s small inaugural crowd.  Previously I stated that Trump will be the Twitter President, responding to every little critique he possibly can with insults.  This development fits that prediction perfectly.

Interestingly, it seems Trump hasn’t addressed certain incidents of “liberal violence,” such as the 4 freaks who kidnapped and tortured a mentally handicapped white  man while demanding he “curse” Trump.  They filmed it and posted it to Facebook, wanting it to go viral.  To that end, they said things like “Fuck Trump” and “fuck white people.”  They also made him drink water from the toilet.

That, of course, is just one incident.  I expect to read similar stories as time marches on.  To be sure, Trump supporters will engage in violence of their own, but stories like this are something else.  For one thing, they make Trump’s critics seem worse than Trump himself, which is not a minor feat.  Also, they make human beings look terrible in general, and  I think there’s enough of that going around already.  Still, it seems humans are capable of endless stupidity, and we’ll see just how far we can take it — perhaps til we literally can’t take it any further.



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