Yahoo Let Everyone Down

As you probably heard, hackers reportedly accessed one billion Yahoo accounts in 2013.
Steve Grobman, the “chief technology officer” at Intel Security:
“We’re increasingly seeing data being used as a weapon, where leaked or fabricated information is being used to intentionally damage individuals and governments.”

Verizon, which is considering buying Yahoo said:
“We will evaluate the situation as Yahoo continues its investigation.”

What does this mean? For one thing, it doesn’t make me feel entirely safe about buying things online. Then again, I never believed I was 100% safe online, or anywhere else. I’m not a’scared.

I also know that 1 billion accounts is a lot. Chances are, whoever snuck into all that info will never be able to use much of it.

Also, I can honestly say it wasn’t me who did it. I don’t really even know how Bitcoin works.  In fact, I think the people who stole that info look more like this:


Anyway, you shouldn’t be too afraid of this, despite what the media says. There’s even a chance the evildoers will be caught and wrassled to the ground, or shot down in a blaze of glory. Cyber-criminals can get caught. How? Paper trails have made room for digital footprints (or whatever they’re calling them these days).

Also, there’s a good chance your bank has automatic fraud detection, which actually can work (possibly even stopping questionable payments you originally agreed to, but which seemed ominous — such as that time you stupidly paid for a porn site, but were glad that your bank automatically flagged it as suspicious so you were able to cancel payment, because you realized there’s enough stuff out there for free anyway).


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