Vote For Hillary Because Trump Called Her A Nasty Woman(?)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is going around claiming Hillary’s a hero,
basing it largely on Donald Trump’s recent statement that Hillary’s a “nasty woman.”

Before you leap on board with Hillary on this point, you should ask a few questions.
First: Is “nasty woman” necessarily a remark on all womankind, or might it have just been about Hillary Clinton?  Trump spent plenty of time addressing Hillary’s views on policy. Trump is deeply flawed as a candidate (and certainly as a person), but it would be unfair to say he never addressed Hillary’s policy decisions (such as her support of the vile Iraq War, NAFTA, etc.).

Second of all, isn’t it possible to oppose both Hillary and Trump? That is my position, and how bad Trump is will not sway me to support Clinton.  Or should I say the Henry-Kissinger loving, Iraq War supporting, corporation cradling Hillary Clinton? And now, by this point, both Elizabeth Warren and even Bernie Sanders have been tainted further by supporting Hillary.

It is time to stop putting our hopes in any such people. It’s time to reorganize independently of governments, corporations and money. We’ve seen what happens (or does not happen) when people cling to the status quo.  In fact, let me be bold and say this:  Any election  someone can’t win without money is a goddamn rigged  election.  Get it?  If you don’t, I doubt I can ever explain it to you.

Now, obviously you can still vote, but your little vote actually won’t make a huge difference either way (as I’ve already written before). What makes a bigger difference is what you do outside of this dumb election.



    1. Sure, but they’ll say it’s rude to tell Hillary, “There’s something you’re not telling me.”
      And yes, it is totally ridiculous for the US to fight extremist Islam while often supporting (and sometimes arming) Islamic regimes and terrorist groups. But a slogan like “Stronger Together” is an easier pill to swallow than the truth. Mind you, if a leader negotiates with a hostile organization, that’s a bit different from arming them to the teeth (I hope radical Islam disappears into the dung heap of history, but I hesitate to say it will). Still, liberals and even some leftists cling to Hillary now like flies to poop.

      One last thing: Hillary isn’t a leftist in any significant sense otherwise, either. A good leftist wouldn’t support the World Bank and IMF, and would find legitimate reasons to protest all kinds of things that Hillary has supported (like multi-national corporations in general). Unfortunately, so many American institutions are run by them and for them. It’s an important thing to keep in mind at all imes. I personally think certain policies of accountability should be in place, and that we should look at human rights standards and say “These things are universal.” Unfortunately, not everyone does.

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