Jaded About ISIS

Like many people, I am gravely worried about ISIS, and the situation in Iraq.

Or, at least I am worried to the extent I can be. I must admit, I am so jaded with US wars and the creation of new enemies.  I don’t feel the outrage I used to about this kind of stuff. But I’ll still talk about it.

In October 2016, Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani told CNN:.”We would have loved to have a political plan along with a military plan, how to manage Mosul, how to administer Mosul, because Mosul has a variety of religions, with ethnicities.”

However, right now, the focus is more on military victory. When countries are regularly at war, people don’t have much time for negotiation, or outrage, or thinking in general. Pair this with stupid propaganda and our sanity is pretty thoroughly gone.

While ISIS should indeed be removed from any type of power, even that thought doesn’t seem like victory to me. I’m just ready for the next wave of insanity to hit. And then more propaganda either for or against it. It’s nothing new. America’s been setting up and/or removing dictators and terrorist groups for a good long while now, and always stupidly pretends it’s just the good guy. And no one’s supposed to say, or even think, “Well, no, we’re not that great, either.”

Example: We’re always being told America wants to avoid civilian casualties. Really? If that were the case, you think we wouldn’t have bombed major Iraqi cities and overthrew a government we used to support heavily. Nor does it seem the US would have spearheaded the UN sanctions that virtually crippled Iraq’s civilian population.
As usual, we’re only supposed to be outraged when official enemies kill people. If US foreign policy does it, it pretty much doesn’t matter.

On September 17, 2016, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the Chelsea bombing “was an intentional act,” implying that it was no mistake. Intentional.

Whenever the United States government sweeps into Iraq, one could reasonably call it an intentional act. However, intent only goes so far. Military options only go so far. Plans only go so far. Human stupidity, on the other hand, is seemingly endless. That’s part of why it seems so stupid. And that’s what we’ll likely learn — again and again and again, until we’ve finally exhausted our ability to even be stupid. It’s not the best kind of peace imaginable, but it seems like the only one we’ll ever find. Forever and ever, amen (and all that jazz).



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