Allegations Against Trump (And Critiques of Male Power) May Help Hillary Win

With so much negative attention focused on Trump right now, you might think Hillary doesn’t have a flaw in the world. There are the usual campaign efforts with names like “California Celebrates Hillary,” but there’s also an apparent trend of simply not discussing her record. For the most part, people are only comparing and contrasting her demeanor and style to Trump’s. There are indeed dumb, sexist critiques of Hillary, but those aren’t the only critiques one could make of her.

For example, does anyone remember Hillary Clinton explaining away the need to stay in Iraq? Apparently few do, other than myself and — eew! — Donald Trump during the debate. She was very much in favor of the invasion. The Iraq War was at least as bad as Trump’s comments, or even genuine gropings he may have perpetrated during his time as a rich, loud-mouthed moron.

Iraq should quite obviously be under discussion right now, but so much focus is on Trump’s remarks on a bus in a parking lot, and women who say he assaulted them. There’s very little critique of Hillary right now, though she totally deserves strong critiques. The problem is, anyone suggesting another issue may be seen as downplaying sexual assault, and it doesn’t help that Hillary’s a woman. If Democrats can keep this ball rolling, and keep a laser focus on this issue, more people will forget to critically examine Hillary. So, in my opinion, people need to focus on the other issues, too. We can multi-task here.

While Trump should drop out if the assault allegations are true — and, frankly, he should drop out for other reasons anyway –, it should be noted that the Iraq War was a huge slap in the face to women as well. Let’s recall that, before the war, Iraq had been a relatively moderate society for women, especially compared to certain other Muslim countries. The war did a lot to change all that. And yes, this does have something to do with Hillary Clinton. Plenty of blame obviously goes to Bush and crew, but Hillary (and most other prominent Democrats) were cheerleaders for it, at least at first. But Hillary continued cheering for the war even when it was no longer in vogue. So I’m not giving Hillary the benefit of the doubt on this one. I distinctly remember how things were, and know how they will surely continue being under her leadership.

It’s also increasingly understood that Iraq’s indiscriminate mass incarceration policy contributed to the rise of ISIS (or ISIL, or whatever they’re called this week), due to the ease of radicalization within prison bars. More plainly, if the media cared at all, more people would remember that a lot of Iraqis died, that Iraq’s society and economy were further destabilized, and that the US has a long history of screwing things up over there (former US support for Saddam Hussein, imposing genocidal sanctions, the bombings and destruction of infrastructure, etc.). In fact, even relatively moderate scenarios seem almost nightmarish.  If the US strengthens its influence in the predominately Kurdish region of Iraq to arm them and fight ISIS, it could possibly trigger harsh reactions from Turkey. Turkey has a long history of persecuting Kurds, yet they’ve been a US ally. No matter which way you turn, disaster seems right around the corner.

Michelle Obama said Trump’s words had “shaken [her] to [her] core.”  It’s hard to discern if she actually means that, or if it’s a cynical ploy for Democrats to keep strategic advantage. It seems everything shakes people to their core right now except for Hillary-sanctioned death and destruction.

For a brief time Bernie Sanders spoke clearly on this matter, criticizing Hillary for being so keen on Kissinger. However, that is all water under the bridge now, apparently. And, despite how Trump mentioned the Iraq War as a failure, he ultimately focused more on Hillary’s e-mail scandal and how it may have led to an “intelligence” failure.   Well, la di da. Sorry, but neither that allegation nor allegations against Trump matter nearly as much as the Iraq War and its consequences. They could, and should, be cited as the only reason necessary to reject Hillary.

Just to be understood: I’m interested in debate/discussion about sexuality, including sexual victimization. It’s both personal and in the philosophical realm, so it’s not a dull issue. In fact, I recently wrote three long articles questioning social justice warrior-style “feminist” views (I disagree with them on plenty of things, being more in favor of actual gender equality). Still, I get annoyed when, for whatever reason, people seem to flock to this area of discussion far more than others which are equally as important. So, pretty please with sugar on top, don’t believe any of this stuff lets Clinton off the hook, and don’t support her just because Trump sucks.

Gandhi said that, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world… as in being able to remake ourselves.” Both Hillary and Trump are out to remake the world. Remaking ourselves is what will actually make America great.


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