On SJW Feminists, Part 3

Then there’s the whole body image issue, which is always contentious. No matter how hard people try, regardless of how well-intended their thinking, they are never going to abolish superficiality. Sorry, feminists (and everyone else). Men have general preferences. Women have general preferences. Men tend to prefer big boobs (though not always). Women tend to prefer taller, more muscular men, and “bad boys” (though not always). Sure, you can complain about Barbie dolls not looking realistic and thereby creating an impossible standard for young girls. Or you can just say, “Okay, that’s a Barbie doll, not an actual person. Maybe this shouldn’t be much of an issue.” As a certain internet meme notes, He-Man also set unrealistic expectations for the average male physique. I never lost sleep over either “issue.” Yes, some women get boob jobs because they’re afraid of not being attractive. And yes, people make fun of women for getting these boob jobs. That’s sort of how it is. But, it should be noted, some men get plastic surgery, too. Also, though I hear complaints about women needing to wear painful high heels and other clothing to stand out, I would say they actually don’t have to. Also, anatomical males sometimes dress in drag, which means they choose to go through the same pains to look a certain way (and, yes, some drag queens can look surprisingly feminine).

Regarding women again, it’s not just boob size that they’ll be judged about, but all sorts of other things, including personality. Again, this will most likely never totally change. People judge each other. Women object to being objectified, yet they also don’t want to be ignored. I get that. I try not to regard women as mere sex objects, but occasionally lusting after the female form doesn’t instantlly make one a super villain, either.

To be clear, I am also judged. In fact, I rarely ever receive any compliments about my physical appearance, and I basically accept that, and realize it likely won’t change. I’m not the ugliest guy on earth, but I’m not the prettiest, either. I can live with that. However, some men can be very sensitive about their appearance, too. It is not merely a female thing. To complicate things even more, I know women are more likely to get complimented on their looks, even if they’re not particularly attractive. Or, sometimes they’ll be made fun of for their looks, too, even if they’re pretty (example: A standard assumption is that prettier girls are stupider). That’s largely just how it is, and I don’t foresee it changing. Now, this is where humor comes in. Rather than being outraged at how dumb as superficial people are, sometimes people can just laugh it off. I am more capable of this as I get older. I’ve heard every type of physical trait get mocked or laughed at, from being too skinny to being too thin, from having this trait or that. And, like I must stress: Even more attractive people get picked on for it. Humor is probably the best way to deal with superficiality. Or, you know what? Sometimes, as weird as it sounds, certain issues CAN BE IGNORED, and they might seem to go away like magic. Sometimes that genuinely functions like a solution. It’s at least as realistic as believing you’ll change the world by blaming one group (such as men, or women) for being superficial, and causing all the world’s problems.

So, when women complain about body image issues and not “feeling attractive”, I just don’t get very outraged about it, nor am I as empathetic as I used to be. I want to tell them, “Join the club.” Also, I have to add: If you don’t want men staring at boobs and buns so much, you can always dress more conservatively. Chances are you’ll look okay either way, as there’s a reason you’re called the fairer sex. In any case, there’s a chance you’ll get hit on sometimes. I know this because even I’m occasionally hit on by women, and I make very little effort to look good, and typically it shows. It’s not that women are 100% less superficial. In fact, you’ll probably find different polls saying different things on that topic. It’s just that everyone has different tastes. I think men usually look like dogshit compared to women. As far as I’m concerned, an attractive man is roughly equivalent to an ugly woman. However, try telling that to some gay dude.

Ideally, discrimination over looks would never happen or be deemed necessary, but it will happen in a superficial world. The deeper problem here isn’t that discrimination happens, it’s that we have a society in which discrimination has serious consequences. “Not getting the job” wouldn’t be the end of the world if it never resulted in poverty. Unfortunately it can, and often does. But let’s face it: Not every woman will be hired as a fashion model, just as I’ll probably never get hired as a professional wrestler, or a waiter in a fancy restaurant. It may be a status quo we can question and oppose, but discrimination is not simply a woman’s issue, or skin color issue, or what have you.

I’ve been told that body image issues just aren’t the same for men. But I would say they’re not entirely different, either. In fact, it’s nowhere near as different as some make it seem. Again, some men are sensitive about their appearances, and not wanting to be made fun of. It can have serious consequences, if people aren’t able to cope with it.

Some issues are indeed worth raising, and people shouldn’t be afraid to talk about them occasionally. However, someone occasionally saying something “bad” or imperfect might not always be worth making a big fuss about. This is, of course, why actual feminism is important as a potential remedy to serious problems involving scumbag men. If scumbag males learn the classic feminist idea that the sexes are on the same page, and that women deserve the same level of respect, etc., then the struggle is essentially over. The good feminists have won. Little to no castration needed.


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