Disregard Glorious Leaders of All Kinds

The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist (AKA Neo-Nazi) website, regularly endorses Donald Trump, going so far as to call him “our glorious leader.”  Think about that.  I mean, really think about it, rather than instantly dismiss Trump due to certain people affiliating themselves with him.   What do people like this support him?  Why do such organizations still exist in this world?  What do they want?  Are they totally, absolutely 100% wrong in everything they claim about the world?  How do we convince people that nationalism in general is a lousy and destructive concept (and sorry if you disagree with that, but I find it to be true)?  What makes an organization bad?  For me it’s quite often a very simple point:  They want to impose their world view on everyone else. wish to maintain dominance, thinking themselves inherently superior.  Thinking about it this way, the problem isn’t just a neo-Nazi group, but any group taking that attitude and not getting a periodic reality check, such as “Hey, you are a human and therefore fallible and teeming with folly, so shut your stupid face and stop trying to jam your dumb ideas down everyone else’s throats.”  See?  That applies not only to Trump and racist supporters but to everybody.  Isn’t that better?

Yes, organizations exist in this world which I would consider scary.  However, there is something to be said about using one’s intellect to understand them and thereby possibly disempower them (and any organizations seeking to impose their will on everyone else).  Perhaps this truly cannot be done by intelligent thinking alone, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.


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