The Terrible Trump-Clinton Judgment


Once again, Donald Trump stood as defender of the status quo, by claiming Detroit’s manufacturing sector fell victim to “the terrible Obama-Clinton judgment.” Nothing screams status quo better than blaming a handful of politicians — or, really, a handful of anybody — for our economic and societal woes.

If I may get serious for a minute: In my personal view, the problem has been building for an indeterminate amount of time, and doesn’t just limit itself to places like Detroit. It’s kind of like a world war.  And one point is so obvious I probably shouldn’t have to note it, but will anyway:  Big name Republicans didn’t care as much about economic problems when Bush was “at the helm.” At the same time, I could flip things around, and note how little Democrats feel enraged about the economy whenever it’s their party’s President in office. Consider how they generally see the Clinton years. Democrats will scarcely note any flaws from that time period, and heaven forbid you criticize any aspect of Bill Clinton’s old economic policies (everything was 100% fine back then, right?).

And so, even as electoral conditions change, I’ll likely keep putting my original assertion back into place: Both parties are ruining the economy, at least for ordinary folks. If an economy can be likened to “household management,” then our house is a big, fat mess. Unfortunately, this system we call “the economy” is not just in the past or the present. It will impact us (and any of our children) far into the future. And I don’t think the worst is over, either. Sorry to sound negative, but there it is.


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